Tordi Village in one of the fiefdoms of the Khangarot Clan-an offshoot of the Kushwaha dynasty that ruled Jaipur and Amer. In 16th century  Th. Akhey Singh, one of the descendants of Khangar Singh (the founder of Khangarot clan) overthrew the  regional chief and built a fortress on the top of the hill which one can see even today though in ruins.
Thakur Jorawar Singh Ji
Later the village was inhabited by people accompanying him in the battle. Some insignias near the ruined step well and some  old  cenotaphs in the area mark the valour of these warriors. Today the descendants of the brave nobleman are spread in a number of villages in the region. The present family lives in the fort and the palace which were built much later in the plains below the hills. Thakur Hemendra Singh have converted their wing of the palace into a beautiful home stay. The whole family is involved in running their property and making sure that each visitor to their village goes enriched with authentic experiences.
Thakur Sher Singh Ji
Thakur Bane Singh Ji
Thakur Ishwari Singh Ji Kunwar Mahendra Singh Ji
Thakur Hemendra Singh
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