Tordi has ample of opportunity for visitors whether staying for a short duration of one or two days or coming for longer stays. Its countryside, geographical features, village setup, proximity to major dams and Bisalpur, give more than enough opportunities to its visitors to sample the village life.

We could take you for a camel cart ride to the Sand Dunes for a perfect sunset with sundowners; or trek up the hillock to our old fortress for a morning cup of chai while witnessing the sunrise.

Our stables are just adjacent to the fort and visitors can get a glimpse of the daily activities in the stables and are welcome to join in while we are serving our horses, cows, goats and hen.

We can organize Jeep tours or tractor rides of the countryside visiting hamlets of Gurjar, Regar and other tribes and meeting their men and women folks while they are grazing their herd of sheep, goats and cattle. We can also go on a boat ride at the Bisalpur Dam (the largest water reservoir that supplies drinking water to many towns and cities.) If we have had a lucky monsoon and there is enough water in our own Tordi Sagar Dam, we could go fishing or boating here too.

Our family had constructed their own series of temples in the village as also around the hills where our guests can get a glimpse of the evening or the Morning Prayer sessions.  We had also started schools and the health care centre in the village which are now run by the government. However we are constantly supporting these schools and the medical centre for the welfare of the people. Our guests are welcome to visit these places and take part in their activities if they so desire.We can also visit the homes of the Potters, Ironsmiths, mat weavers, cobblers and people engaged in other occupations, visit our farms and take part in the activities that are happening at the time or just stroll down the small market and village lanes to capture the images of these innocent people.

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